Pet Me!

On December 3, 2013, SFO launched a program, titled “Wag Brigade,” to bring trained dogs to the terminals to make passenger travel more enjoyable. The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) brought dogs certified through their Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Program to roam the terminals.

Three years later, Lilou, a Juliana-breed pig joined the beloved Wag Brigade team.  Carefully selected for their temperament and airport suitability, the animals wear vests that read “Pet Me!” which identify them.

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  • Biggie


    Once you meet this 15 lb. hypoallergenic hyper-delight, you'll understand the importance of an exclamation mark! Benga! is pre-programmed to love and brings a peaceful joy to everyone she encounters. B!'s motto is "the more the merrier!": more people, more praise, more prancing, more parades, more love, more hi-fives, more laps, more car rides, more hugs, more treats, more peace and more beaches! B! enjoys beaches as it gives her the greatest charge out of life and helps her recharges from your adoration.

  • Brixton


    Brixton was born to be a therapy dog. He takes his job very seriously, doling out love at every turn. Kisses, tail wags, shakes and nuzzles are in his daily routine.

    Brixton has already attended Circus School and has been working with children at the Columbia Boys and Girls School in San Francisco, as well as the Salvation Army after school program. He is also quite popular at all the universities, helping to de-stress students during finals. Brixton is so enthusiastic to be a part of the Wag Brigade.

  • Brody


    Brody is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born in Plano, Texas in 2016. He is a certified Canine Good Citizen and a certified therapy dog for the SF SPCA. Brody loves visiting young people at colleges and universities, de-stressing them before and after exams. He loves to chase animals on TV – he thinks they might pop out of the TV set and play. He has a Cavalier “brother” named Prancer. Brody is very proud to join Prancer and other volunteers on the Wag Brigade. Follow him on Instagram: @sftreatdogs

  • Chedda Cheese

    Chedda Cheese

    Chedda Cheese is a 4 year old Fox Red Labrador that loves to work! Her 9-5 job is pack leader's assistant for her moms, who are professional dog walkers in San Francisco. When she isn't running with the pack, she regularly volunteers her time and affection through the AAT, MESCAAT, and Puppy Dog Tales programs through the SFSPCA. She loves kids of all ages, playing any type of ball, eating, and watching others eat. Her least favorite thing is an empty bowl. Chedda has a large repertoire of tricks that she will proudly preform for anyone who is willing to toss a treat reward her way. Chedda is thrilled to be a member of the Wag Brigade and is ready to spread happiness throughout the terminals at SFO.

  • Cooper


    Cooper is happy, good natured and smart. He is certified with Therapy Dog International and the ASPCA as an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog, and is also certified as a Good Canine Citizen. He volunteers his time at universities and senior centers. His good looks even got him a gig in the entertainment industry! Cooper loves everybody but most of all he loves home cooked food.

  • George Morkie, Maltese/Yorkie mix

    George Morkie

    George is a playful Maltese/Yorkie mix (aka "Morkie"). He loves meeting new people, snuggling, and traveling to new places—logging about 50,000 miles on planes each year! SFO is almost like his second home, so he's excited to be greeting passengers and showing them around his home airport. He joined the San Francisco SPCA Animal Assisted Therapy Program in 2016 and spends his weekends spreading cheer at nursing homes and rehabilitation centers across the city. You can follow his adventures at

  • India


    India is a goldendoodle with magical qualities of love, compassion, playfulness, and empathy. She has always been a loyal and intelligent companion and was happy to move from the East Coast to California with her owner in 2009. Trained by the SF SCPA’s AAT program, she is now a happily working dog spending afternoons with children at the Salvation Army Tenderloin for Puppy Dog Tales reading program, where kids read to her, play with her, pet her, brush her, throw balls, and most importantly she helps them to feel happy while they are reading. Most recently India has been bringing her own brand of joy to the Wag Brigade at SFO, where most children and adults want to take her home.

  • Jackie


    After a very successful career as a show dog, Jackie, a Sussex spaniel, decided she only wanted to cuddle up to people and to be pet. She has found the job of her dreams as a therapy dog. In addition to the airport, Jackie also visits universities to help relax the students during finals. On her days off Jackie enjoys hiking and going to the beach. She is thrilled to be a member of the Wag Brigade at SFO.

  • LiLou, Pig


    LiLou is the first certified piggy with SF SPCA AAT program. She is a proud city pig that brings smiles and positivity everywhere she goes. LiLou is hypoallergenic and knows a lot of tricks too. She can greet you with her snout or a wave, thank you with her shake, perform with her toy piano and bow at the end. LiLou also likes to twirl and can stand up on her back hooves. She can run an “8” and push the ball with her snout. And above all, LiLou does it all with a pretty smile on her beautiful face while wagging her tail!  Follow LiLou on Instagram.

  • Marisol, Labrador retriever


    Marisol is a six year old Labrador retriever. Her name means “Sea and Sun” in Spanish. She was born at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael and has been doing therapy work for four years. She is certified with Therapy Dogs International and SF SPCA. Marisol always enjoys a tummy rub, and in return, may give you a kiss!

  • McCovey, Blue Picardy Spaniel


    McCovey is a Blue Picardy Spaniel, a French hunting breed that is relatively rare in the United States. He's named after the SF Giants Hall of Fame slugger and, like his namesake, he's an athlete (although his specialty is catching pigeons, not fly balls). He's a handsome, goofy, happy-go-lucky hound with a deep love for lounging (usually with his legs straight up in the air), his squeaky tiki, treats and getting cuddles from everyone he meets. He loves making people smile and doling out kisses so he’s a natural animal assisted therapy dog and he takes his work very seriously. In fact, he loves being an AAT dog so much that, whenever we tell him he’s going to work and put on his Wag Brigade vest, he does his happy dance down the hallway.  Photo credit:  Elizabeth Evans.

  • Prancer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


    Prancer was born in 2010 in Tracy, CA. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Prancer is an animal assisted therapy dog for the SFSPCA and a Wag Brigade dog for SFO. In addition to the airport once a week, he also visits hospitals and many colleges and universities. He is a very smart, sweet, handsome lad and has a calming effect on all the folks he meets. He is, after all, a relaxed California dude. One of the funniest things about Prancer is that he loves to watch TV, especially dogs and cartoons, but even watches the news! We are happy that you met Prancer today.

  • Sadie, Mini Labra Doodle


    Sadie is a mini labra doodle who loves everyone. She has been in the AAT program for 5 years. She has a sweet, gentle disposition and she loves to play. She loves retrieving tennis balls, but sometimes doesn't want to drop them. She is an A-1 class lap sitter and loves to cuddle. She lived in Italy for a while; many Italian men wanted her to sit on their laps and she was happy to oblige. Her view of the world and people is that everyone is good and that everyone must want to play with her and pet her.

  • Sofia, Saint Bernard


    Sofia is a smooth coated Saint Bernard and 135 pounds of love! She is happy relaxing at home or running, playing and swimming at her favorite beaches at Crissy Field and Lake Tahoe. She has a gentle, relaxed demeanor and works with seniors, patients and students.

  • Toby, GoldenDoodle


    Toby is an over-sized Goldendoodle that looks like a giant stuffed toy, but Toby is more than a pretty face. Toby is a hard working dog on a mission to make people smile. Toby's calm manner makes him a favorite at SFO, homeless shelters, mental health facilities, and schools. Adults love him, kids love him, and even tweens find him irresistible. The feeling is mutual - Toby loves everyone. Follow Toby on social media:

  • Tristan


    Born with both canine and Muppet DNA, Tristan has used his goofy charm to win many people over. Raised in San Francisco, Tristan is a true northern Californian, enjoying both its outdoors and urban indulgences. His hobbies include napping, lounging and hunting for table scraps. His greatest strength is resilience, which was put to the test after he suffered from back injury resulting in partial paralysis in his hind legs. Even when scooting around in his wheels, his love of life shines through and he hopes to pass on the feeling to all who greet him.

  • Tzigan, Bolognese


    Tzigan is a Bolognese (Italian Bichon). He is a ball of white fluff and melts the heart of everyone he meets. He loves children and has participated in the San Francisco SPCA’s Puppy Dog Tales program to help children improve their reading. In his free time he trains in advanced Obedience work. Tzigan loves taking rides and naps, visiting new places, playing with his toy duck and teasing his feline sister. Photo courtesy of Pet Poses Photography.

  • Wrigley


    Wrigley is a 150 lb Newdle (Newfoundland/Poodle) with a huge heart and irresistible huggablity. He loves swimming and snuggling, but thankfully not at the same time.  Wrigley is a giant teddy bear with a playful, loving personality that brings a smile to everyone's face.  His loving cuddles are larger than he is and he's a pro at melting your travel worries away. He even has his own Instagram page!  Follow him or take a picture to share this big boy with your family and friends.