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Greenleaf TK-8: Social Justice Posters

The water we share on this planet is unifying; it is a system of circles moving from the visible to the invisible.

—Jock McDonald, 2015


Karine Laval: Heterotopia

In her series, Heterotopia, Brooklyn-based artist Karine Laval produces dreamlike images that challenge and transform our experience of the natural world. The series’ title is borrowed from French philosopher Michel Foucault, who used the word to describe places that exist in the world, but are “neither here, nor there,” explains Laval.

Peralta Elementary School | Modular Origami

Eric William Carroll: Standard Stars

In his series, Standard Stars, Eric William Carroll examines and engages with an archive of decaying astronomical glass plate negatives held by the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute in Rosman, North Carolina. The institute’s Astronomical Photographic Data Archive (APDA) contains one of the largest collections of astronomical glass plates and represents nearly 150 years of efforts to study, catalog, and define the cosmos.

Millee Tibbs: Air / Plains

In her series, Air/Plains, artist Millee Tibbs revisits the ever-familiar image of the setting sun. During the course of two weeks working in the Great Plains region of central Nebraska, Tibbs photographed the sun each evening as it disappeared over the horizon. Back in the studio, she produced the images as pigment prints, folded them into common paper airplane designs, and re-photographed the objects.

Phoebe A.

Kirk Crippens & Gretchen LeMaistre: Live Burls

California’s redwood trees are a national treasure and a living witness to our past. The largest of California’s redwoods grow in excess of two hundred and fifty feet tall and are capable of living for millennia. In recent years, an alarming number of old-growth trees residing in Redwood National Park have been shorn of the gnarled protrusions that grow on their trunks, called burls.

Xiaoxiao Xu: Aeronautics in the Backyard

In 2015, artist and photographer Xiaoxiao Xu travelled throughout inner-mainland China and documented the little-known, yet thriving subculture of homebuilt aircraft builders in rural areas across the country. The country is certainly a global player and innovator in the field of aviation, though Xu’s story takes place outside of the major cities where much of this innovation occurs.

Root Division | My Two Homes