Joseph Finkleman: Reflections in Glass

Joseph Finkleman: Reflections in Glass

Eight years ago, artist Joseph Finkleman began photographing high-rise buildings with a digital camera, rather than a traditional film camera. He found that digital photography enabled a higher resolution and allowed the use of longer lenses to better suit his subjects. Skyscrapers fascinate him—their metal and glass facades can range in appearance from flat to sculptural, solid to immaterial, depending on the viewing conditions. Finkleman is awestruck by the design, engineering physics, and resources involved in making these buildings, and ponders the sheer power of their symbolic representation. The glass cladding emits different parts of the color spectrum so that individual buildings display varied hues. Finkleman captures these spectacles of color, pattern, and reflection through his lens. By emphasizing details on the curtain wall, he draws the viewer in to the transcendent beauty of these towering monuments.

Finkleman began taking pictures at the young age of four. In order to keep him occupied on road trips, his parents allowed him to use their Kodak Brownie camera. Several years later, they allotted him a film allowance of one roll per week. In this way, he learned to carefully choose what pictures to take. At twelve, he began selling his prints for a nickel apiece, enabling him to buy his first 35mm camera by age fourteen. A native Californian, Joseph Finkleman earned his BFA and MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He worked as a commercial photographer for decades and has exhibited his fine art photography in galleries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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It is in the disturbance of the pattern that the pattern is revealed.

—Joseph Finkleman


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Joseph Finkleman: Reflections in Glass
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016 to Thursday, February 16, 2017