The Laurel School Up and Away

The Laurel School
Up and Away

The Laurel School is located in San Francisco’s Richmond District, close to the Golden Gate Bridge and just steps away from the Presidio. Here, students with learning differences find support and self-confidence though personalized education and small class sizes. With the understanding that every student has an individual learning style, instructors at The Laurel School embrace a broad curriculum and use a variety of teaching methods in order to help students learn as individuals and in cooperative group settings.

Art, movement, and drama are integral parts of the daily classroom experience at The Laurel School. The school’s visual arts program integrates art with science, social studies, math, and music. Students are given the opportunity to explore a variety of materials and techniques as they learn about their own creative processes. Field trips to local museums and cultural institutions extend the school’s dynamic curriculum outside of the classroom. The works featured in Up and Away were produced by students from the first through eighth grades. The exhibition includes pieces created in a variety of mediums ranging from watercolor and acrylic paints to printmaking and photography.

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Monday, July 10, 2017 to Monday, October 23, 2017