Kids & Art Foundation

Kids & Art Foundation

Kids & Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization that partners families facing pediatric cancer with professional artists to provide free art experiences throughout the Bay Area. Kids & Art works closely with the community to offer workshops at unique destinations ranging from treatment centers to local artist studios, art centers, and corporate headquarters. Founded in 2008, the organization promotes the use of art to heal, empower, encourage, and create memorable experiences.

Through workshops, participants are exposed to various mediums and given the opportunity to work alongside and learn from accomplished artists and craftspeople. These artists bring skills and expertise—both in artistic technique and heart-centered compassion—to Kids & Art families throughout the workshop season. Since 2008, Kids & Art has grown from working with five volunteer artists to over one hundred and fifty today. Volunteers, donors, and sponsors have helped Kids & Art Foundation bring workshops to over one thousand participants in 2017 alone.

The majority of families working with Kids & Art are referred to the organization by their hospital social workers; the organization serves as an adjunct to the care provided by hospitals and works to bring a greater sense of normalcy into the daily lives of participants. Workshops provide opportunities for connection, enrichment, self-expression, and companionship for families, strengthening their existing support system. The artwork in this exhibition was created by youth touched by cancer, whose ages range from two to twenty-six years.

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Monday, January 22, 2018 to Monday, April 23, 2018