What We Are Doing

ATTENTION: Health orders from the State of California and San Francisco Bay Area Counties recommend staying home as the safest method to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and have issued a travel advisory urging against non-essential travel. The California Public Health Travel Advisory instructs persons arriving in California from other states or countries, including returning California residents, to practice self-quarantine for 10 days after arrival. These persons should limit their interactions to their immediate household. This recommendation does not apply to individuals who cross state or country borders for essential travel.

The San Francisco Bay Area is now under the State of California’s Regional Stay Home Order. Additionally, San Francisco and Santa Clara counties have implemented mandatory quarantines for anyone arriving to and staying in these counties, unless specifically exempted by the health orders. Visit flysfo.com/quarantine for additional information.

Your health is our priority, and we’re actively working with our local, state and federal health officials to protect against COVID-19. Additionally, we’re pleased to share that we’ve received the Airport Health Accreditation from Airports Council International (ACI) World, a program evaluates new health and safety measures and procedures introduced at airports worldwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about ACI’s Airport Health Accreditation.

Here’s what we’re doing to help you travel well:

  • SFO staff continue increased cleaning of our facilities with an EPA-approved effective germicidal agent that kills all coronaviruses and is outlined in CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Our team employs no-touch cleaning systems, including all-surface equipment and battery-operated disinfectant sprayers, to clean, rinse and dry surfaces and recover the water used without ever touching a surface.
  • Hundreds of hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the terminals. Additionally, the TSA is allowing one liquid hand sanitizer container up to 12 ounces per passenger in carry-on bags until further notice.
  • Everyone must wear a mask or facial covering while at SFO. A properly worn covering, over nose and mouth, is required to receive service from all providers and air carriers at SFO. Learn more about the San Mateo County Health Order requiring face coverings. Please remember to bring your own face covering/mask. However, if you need a face covering while at SFO, ask one of our Travel Well Ambassador for a complimentary mask.
  • Physical Distancing practices are in effect at the Airport. Please keep at least 6 feet between yourself and others. To help maintain proper spacing, we’ve installed markers at ticket counters, security checkpoint queues, baggage claim, and seating areas. Maintaining physical distance applies to elevators, too. Only two people per elevator, please.
  • For added protection, clear plastic barriers have been installed in locations where face-to-face interactions might take place, such as TSA podiums, information desks, and airline ticket counters.
  • In terminal restrooms, we've deactivated hand dryers in accordance with current health guidance; disposable paper towels are available for drying.
  • Public health signage is posted in areas throughout the airport, including messaging encouraging social distancing and frequent hand washing.
  • We've joined Airports Council International's Health Measures Portal project, which helps passengers directly access information about the measures in place at individual airports. Find out about what to expect at other airports around the world.

If you have additional questions about traveling through SFO, please contact our Customer Care team.